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How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups with One Click

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Hello Fellow Achievers :-)

One of the reasons why you joined the Achieve Community is so you don’t have to recruit people. But there is a way that you can help to massively spread the word if you are willing to give us a few minutes of your time. If we all do this, the Achieve Community will spread like Wild Fire, even faster than it already is…and yes, you can help make this happen by following the below instructions!

This will help everyone to make a lot more money in a much shorter time frame!

And of course Facebook is the perfect vehicle with which to do this! The way you can help to Spread the word about the Achieve Community like Wildfire is to post as many images and text ads as humanly possible to the countless “Make Money Online” Group Message Boards on Facebook . Posting a couple ads here and there is great but we want to help you to really make a BIG SPLASH :-) and save you a lot of time too!  Let’s get to this, it’s fun and effective, you’ll love it, you’ll see….

Here is how you can make a Big Splash:

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups with One Click

Step 1: Join as many “Make Money” Facebook Groups as you can.

To make it easy for you, below is a text file with a list of about 60 Groups you can join. You can find a lot more if you enter keywords related to making money online into the Facebook Search Box.

Facebook Groups URLs

Just visit the links and click on the “Join” button and wait until you are approved. (usually it only takes a few hours to get approved)

Step 2: Get the Facebook Group’s Email Address

Every Facebook Group has an email address and you can post all about the incredible benefits of the Achieve Community on their Message Board simply by sending an email to the Group.

The Group’s email address is not listed anywhere but there is a simple trick how you can find out the email address of every single group. Here is how: Every Group has a unique ID which you can find at the end of their URL



Now all you have to do is copy the unique group ID and convert it into and email that looks like this:



And to make your job even easier, below is the list of Email Addresses which have already been converted for all the Groups listed above.

Facebook Groups Emails

Step 3: Now you will want to compose an ad about our incredible Achieve Community which you will send to these groups.

What should you write in your ad? Be creative and speak from your heart about how you feel about how the Achieve Community Opportunity is changing your life and the lives of those whom you love. We all need to create different ads and we encourage you to follow the above advice. But just to give you an example of my favorite way of approaching this life enhancing concept is to illustrate the “Result of the Result”.

People only think they want MONEY, but what they really want is what  their MONEY can do for them.

And that’s what I believe most effectively conveys the message to those in need.

For example you can say something like this:

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could…

….sleep in every morning?
…. join your friends on that expensive cruise you thought you couldn’t afford?
……spend a lot more Quality Time with your Spouse?
……start your day with a nice swim in your own pool?

But again, I’m just sharing with you my ideas and want to reiterate the fact that we all need to be different in our approach for maximum effect!

Here is a link for a selection of Ad Copy on the Official Achieve Community Blog:

More Ad Copy

Ads with images are a lot more effective than text ads. Thankfully the Achieve Community provides us with an endless supply of amazing images you can use.

To find Amazing Images you can post go here.

To save an image from this Blog right click on the image and hit “Save image as” and save the image in a location where you can easily find it. (for example on your desktop)

Now you have everything you need to post your Incredible Achieve Community Ads.

Here is how to format the email you will send out to post to several groups at once.

(We usually send an email to 15 groups at a time)

Compose a new email in your regular email program.

In the “TO” field of the email paste 15 Facebook Group email addresses separated by commas.

In the “SUBJECT LINE” paste the text of your ad

In the “BODY” of the email paste something like this:

Join our Facebook Group to see what other Achievers are saying about the Achieve Community.


#theachievecommunity #readytoachieve


The IMAGE can be embedded in the email body or you can simply attach it to the email.

We tried this method using our Yahoo and AOL account and it worked with both of them.

Most of the Facebook Groups we compiled have thousands of members. So you can imagine, that there are a lot of people posting ads at any given time. This will cause your ads to scroll down the list fairly quickly.

The great news is there is a way to bump your ad up to the top simply by commenting on the ad!

Below is a link to step by step instructions on how you can comment on your own and other members ads to help bump them to the top of the message board for even greater exposure and incredible social proof! Imagine, there are a bunch of members posting on your ad and saying they got paid or sharing their excitement…that will be even more effective than the ad itself!


I am doing this for about 15 minutes a day… if everyone does this, the Achieve Community will become a massive force that can dominate the “Make Money Online” Groups on Facebook!

Let’s send the Achieve Matrix into a “Faster than a Speeding Bullet” Time Warp for Faster Matrix Exits and to help everyone make their Dreams Come True!!

:-) )) Let’s Gooooooooooooooooooo!


We hope this will help you to spread the word so we can all become successful with the Achieve Community!


May you find Peace, Love and Abundance :-)
Dream, Believe, Achieve :-)

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